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Europe Pre-Assembly

Ensuring substantive discussions at the Assembly

The Europe Pre-Assembly will help enable delegates to take part fully in the Assembly. Delegates will gain the confidence to propose motions and amendments, and argue and debate resolutions and issues, thereby ensuring substantive discussions and good use of Assembly time and resources. 

Participants hold a discussion at the LWF Europe Pre-Assembly, February 2017, Höör, Sweden. Photo:LWF
Participants hold a discussion at the LWF Europe Pre-Assembly, February 2017, Höör, Sweden. Photo:LWF

This Pre-Assembly will also enable a contextual reading of the Assembly’s themes and issues so that delegates come to the Assembly prepared to share their part of the global story. In addition, it will compile a slate of nominees for the LWF Council, so determining the quality and effectiveness of the incoming LWF Council. It will also present a message on topical issues of concern. This Pre-Assembly will: 

  • harvest the fruits of Europe regional work from Windhoek to Krakow
  • provide contextual reflections on Assembly themes, the highlights of which will be incorporated in the Assembly discussion
  • orientate participants on the Thirteenth Assembly
  • include worship, as well as a time to remember those within the church who lost their lives to COVID-19
  • present a slate of nominees for next LWF Council 

The Europe Pre-Assembly will take place from March 21 to 24, 2023, in Oxford, United Kingdom.